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Nail Plate
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Nail Plate 134mmX190mmX1.0mm (MP6R16) HBNP134X190X1.0 22
Nail Plate 134mmX254mmX1.0mm (MP8R16) HBNP134X254X1.0 16
Nail Plate 134mmX381mmX1.0mm (MP12R16) HBNP134X381X1.0 10
Nail Plate 33mmX63mmX1.0mm (MP2R4) HBNP33X63X1.0 200
Nail Plate 38mmX127mmX1.0mm (MP4R5) HBNP38X127X1.0 100
Nail Plate 38mmX317mmX1.0mm (MP10R5) HBNP38X317X1.0 40
Nail Plate 38mmX381mmX1.0mm (MP12R5) HBNP38X381X1.0 33
Nail Plate 38mmX63mmX1.0mm (MP2R5) HBNP38X63X1.0 200
Nail Plate 68mmX180mmX1.0mm HBNP68X180X1.0 33
Nail Plate 76mmX127mmX1.0mm (MP4R10) HBNP76X127X1.0 50
Nail Plate 76mmX190mmX1.0mm (MP6R10) HBNP76X190X1.0 33
Nail Plate 76mmX317mmX1.0mm (MP10R10) HBNP76X190X1.0 20

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